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Tracking Key Performance Indicators AKA Critical Numbers Part 1 – Net Profit

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to talk a lot about key performance indicators (KPIs), also known as critical numbers. Today, we’ll be discussing a critical number/KPI that’s definitely one of the top three we need to measure and track—net profit. First, what is net profit? It’s how much money that is left over […]

Six Steps to Overcoming Your Fear of Inviting

The topic today is how to overcome your fear of inviting. Here’s where this topic comes from: in business development and life in general, we frequently have the opportunity to invite people to events. Examples include meetings for business networking groups we’re a part of, non-profit galas, or sales presentations done for the purpose of […]

Always Running Out of Time as the Manager? Here’s what to do About It.

Today we’re going to look at something different. Namely, a group of people we don’t usually address. We spend most of our time focusing on business owners and sales professionals, but today we’ll be discussing managers. This will still help businesspeople in general, even if you’re not exactly a manager. So read on. Specifically, the […]

Four Ways to Master the Moment as a Leader and why it’s So Important

The topic today is how to master each moment as the leader. Now, it is certainly beneficial at times to look at the past, analyze what has worked and what hasn’t. History is important because we don’t want to repeat the same mistakes we made in the past. Looking at the future is also important. […]

Four Opportunities Hurricane Harvey Created for Us

For those of you who have followed my blog recently, it’s been a tough time here in Houston. So my “normal” enthusiasm may seem a little off because of the tragedy that is Harvey and all the things that are happening around us as we start getting past the destruction caused by this storm. But […]