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Business Development

How to Avoid Sales Self-Sabotage: Following Up With Your Leads the Right Way

We’re going to look at how to avoid self-sabotage in sales today. This is one thing that many of us have done throughout our careers, and it is sabotaging our sales. It is a huge no-no, and a very dangerous and deadly thing for our businesses. Here’s the situation: you receive a prospect or lead […]

Thinking for the Long-Term: Four Powerful Questions on Business Adaptability

Today we’re going to look at four powerful questions regarding business adaptability. How do we define adaptability? It is the ability to change in order to work better toward a purpose. Very important, in today’s dynamic world. So let’s get on with these four questions: 1. Why does it matter? Why is it even important […]

Three Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself When Building Your Brand

Today, we’re going to ask ourselves three questions. These are powerful questions that are relevant to many areas of business, but we’re going to focus specifically on your personal or company brand. Maybe it’s time to relook at how you brand yourself in the marketplace as a company if you’re the owner. Or, if you […]

Character and Competency: Two Powerful Attributes for Networking

This post will be a bit shorter than usual, and it’s about networking. In the past, there was once a survey conducted with more than 12,000 businesspeople participating from all around the world. One of the questions that was asked was, “which of the following is most important to you when referring business to others?” […]

8 Types of Knowledge You Must Keep on Learning to Get Ahead in Your Industry

Today, I’m excited to talk about the top 8 ways to win with knowledge. Whether you’re in sales, business development, or you’re a business owner in general, you can never be satisfied with your current knowledge. You need to focus on constant improvement and learning in order to stay at the top of your profession. […]