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Business Development

Top Six Mistakes Small Business Owners Make During the Holidays

Our topic today is the six biggest mistakes that people in the small business community make during the holidays. Now, I wrote this post just before the Christmas season, but even if you’re reading it any other time of the year, it’s still very applicable. It’s just that these mistakes tend to occur more often […]

Why Emphasizing Benefits over Features Will Improve Your Sales & Marketing

Today’s post is really crucial because it can actually alter the way you sell and market your products or services. Some of you may have heard this before if you’ve ever gone through any type of sales training. Even so, this could be a great reminder of what needs to happen in order for you […]

Six Tips for Increasing Your Customer Retention Rate

Today, we are going to look at how to improve your customer retention rate. Now, a lot of times people will invest more money into gaining new clients rather than keeping their existing ones. This is a big mistake. It’s actually much cheaper and more efficient to focus on keeping your existing clients compared to […]

Creating the Perfect Audio or Video Advertisement for Your Company

Do you sometimes wonder, “What do I say when I have to tell people about my business?” Or, “What is a good audio advertisement to give if I have to stand up in front of a group of people who ask me about my business?” Or, maybe you want to learn a process for creating […]

How to Increase Your Business with Appreciation Marketing

What I want to look at today is a concept called appreciation marketing. It’s a type of marketing that’s done by showing appreciation for your customers or clients. Before we get into it, there’s a couple of things you must first think about: 1. Definitely have the right mindset. It is incredibly important to be […]