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Business Development

How to build an impenetrable infrastructure

This is the final tip in our free lesson series on the seven key areas of your business. Again, these are just small tidbits, and the last thing we’re going to look at is the infrastructure of your business. Of course, there’s a bunch of different areas of infrastructure, but I’m just going to focus […]

How to systematically deliver products and services

I’m pumped that you’re back to learn about another key area of your business that’ll help you explode and have fun as you grow your company. This lesson is on how to systematically deliver your products and services. I’m going to give you one little tidbit, which you may have heard before. But I encourage […]

How to lead a dynamic company

The first key area of your business that we’re going to work on is how to lead a dynamic company. I wish we had the time and resources to go over all the facets of leadership today, but that’ll take much longer. So I want to get started with just one small tip in the […]

Finding Motivation in a Craft Beer Glass

Saint Arnold

In a previous blog entry, I highlighted the top 8 ways to motivate people. I’m going to shine the spotlight today on one of those key areas:       public recognition. Most people have an opinion about this type of motivation—they either love it or hate it. Any leaders that leave it out of the motivation mix […]