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Business Planning

Don’t Let Natural Disasters Slow You Down – Five Things to do in Business during the Downtime

Our topic today is going to be the five thing to do in business when natural disaster strikes. I’m writing this about a week after Houston got trampled by a tremendous flood, which damaged many businesses and personal residences, not to mention property. Also, as I’ve lived in Houston for many years, I’m no stranger […]

Staying Organized with Checklists and CRM Systems

Today, we’re going to look at organization. And before we jump in, I want to tell you the story of when I sold my very first car. My prospect was a surgeon. He was in Houston from Austin, which is about a two and a half or three hour drive away. He was looking to […]

Be on Top of Your Game by Overpromising and Over Delivering

Today, we’re going to look at the topic of overpromise and over deliver. It’s a mantra that can help take your company’s customer service satisfaction to the next level. Let’s talk about this concept in three stages: 1. In this stage, the company is not doing a very good job at delivery. For example, a […]

Three Questions That’ll Take You to the Next Level

Today we’re going to look at 3 questions, and these 3 questions will have a significant impact on your business and life when you ask them consistently. In fact, it’s recommended that you ask yourself these questions about once a month, for sure. And sometimes you should do it more often, like every week. Perhaps, […]

Five Things That Hold Us Back from Improving our Business

Today, we are going to look at the top five things that hold us back from being awesome at business development. Let’s begin with a premise: in order for our business to improve, we must improve. So as we look at these five things, you’ll notice that they really have nothing to do with business […]