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Do you always feel busy and overwhelmed? Here are 8 ways to free up more time.

One of the most common questions ever asked is, “How are you today?” When you interact with people throughout the day, that question comes up quite a bit. And some of the most common answers include, “I’m good” or “I’m fine.” However, there’s another increasingly common answer that’s crept up in the last 5-10 years. […]

Today’s not New Year’s Day… But Treat it Like One!

Today is June 15th, and so I want you to think about what was happening five and a half months ago, when it was New Years Day. Leading up to January 1st and shortly after it, everyone was talking about New Year’s resolutions and what they wanted to accomplish in 2015. Well, what’s happened since? […]

How to Set Goals that You Will Actually Achieve

With the New Year just around the corner, most people are thinking about what goals they want to make for the coming year. The truth is that most people abandon their goals—not just their New Year’s resolutions, but any goal—less than two weeks after they make it. Why? Lack of motivation, lack of tangible rewards, […]

90 Days to Achieve Your Goal: How to Do It

Are you tired of setting goals and not achieving them? We all have goals that we want to achieve, both in our personal and professional lives, whether we realize it or not. We might want to improve our relationship with our loved ones or streamline our workday to get more done. Whether your goal centers […]

How to Free up Time PT. 3


Welcome to the conclusion of the How to Free up Time series. Now that you have reorganized your list in terms of priority, I will introduce you to some steps that will help you find that perfect balance between completing what needs to be done and finding time for the leisure activities you really want to be doing. […]