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Individual Mindset

Are You Feeling Too Comfortable in Business? Here Are Six Things to Think About.

Today we’re going to look at the problem of feeling comfortable in business. This is an interesting topic. Many of you have probably reached a level in business where you’re comfortable. Perhaps it was even your goal to reach this level of comfort. For some of you, maybe it wasn’t a stated goal, but that’s […]

Why Being Addicted to Achievement in Business Can be Detrimental

Today, we’re going to get into deep mindset issues. Specifically, we’ll be talking about self-defeating beliefs regarding achievement. These are very common, whether said or unsaid, in the small business community, for sales professionals, and really with people in general. We’ll be looking at these for a few reasons. One, we want to identify and […]

How Much is Your Time Worth, and How Can You Make That Time Even More Valuable?

To start, I’m going to ask you one of the most valuable questions for those of us in business development. Specifically, this question is important if you’re in commission-based selling, or if you have your own business and earn what you sell. Many people don’t think about this question much, but when you do take […]

What a Near-Death Experience Taught Me about the Willingness to Change

Today, I’m going to tell you a little story. But first, I have a question for you: have you ever been skydiving? Yes, have you ever jumped out of a perfectly good airplane? I’ll tell you about my first and only time skydiving. I remember being a little bit fearful of flying, so I thought […]

How to Get Back in the Groove After Taking Some Time Off

This post is specifically for those of us who perhaps have taken a vacation recently. Or, maybe it’s just past the end-of-year holiday season. You’re trying to get back into the groove, but you feel a little bit sluggish. Here are seven ways to get the momentum going after taking some time off. Note: I’m […]