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Individual Mindset

Mental Exercise: Overcoming the Fear of Sales

I want you to imagine yourself in a medium-sized auditorium with say, five hundred people in the audience. The speaker is walking through the crowd with a microphone, and he says, “Listen, I am going to give one of you $200, if you come to the front of the stage with me and answer a […]

How We Fail Before We Even Get Started

Have you ever attempted something new and failed? Most people have. Most people try something again and again and fail over and over. Others fail before they even really start a new project, job, or endeavor, simply because they don’t even make an attempt to succeed. Failure can be a scary thing. We’re taught from […]

How to Overcome the Fears that Hold You Back

Have you ever had a thought, a really good idea that you knew you could really bring to fruition? It was well within your skill set, would be enjoyable to work on, and could make you successful and happy? Too often, when these thoughts come around, we immediately shut them down, listing off all of […]

Mindset: How to overcome limiting beliefs and fears

Today I’m going to talk about a rather controversial subject – the idea of limiting beliefs and fears, as well as how to overcome them. There are a lot of different philosophies out there on this topic, and I have to confess, oftentimes when other coaches talk about this, it makes me feel a little […]