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Four Takeaways from Harvey We Can Apply to Business and Life

As you probably know, it’s been a tough time here in Houston, Texas due to Hurricane Harvey. First and foremost, my biggest concern is obviously the safety of our people, and my heart goes out to all the families and businesses who were affected. We’re starting to recover, and I’ve been thinking about some things […]

Seven Steps to Creating a Content Video for Online Marketing

The topic today is creating a content marketing video, which can be powerful for you and your business. This is not going to be about where or how to publish videos, but rather a few simple steps on how to create a video that’ll provide value for your customers, prospects, etc. 1. Don’t overthink this. […]

Seven Tips for Boosting Your Business in Five Minutes or Less

Today, we’re going to talk about how to boost your business in 5 minutes or less. I’m sure we can all create 5 minutes a day to work on some of this stuff. So let’s jump right in with the seven ways: 1. Follow up with prospects quickly. Maybe you’re having a hectic day, but […]

Four Unusual Ways to Gain More Leads and Sales through Networking

Today, we’re going to look at four unusual ways to gain more business through networking. When I say unusual, it’s not because they’re weird or anything like that, but rather because they’re out of the norm. Most people don’t do these things, and they’re missing out. 1. When you’re in a networking event or situation, […]

How to Leverage the Skillsets, Mindsets, and Talents of Your Group When You Plan

Today we’re going to look at leveraging your group during planning. Whether your group is a business, non-profit, or something else, it’s really important to leverage the skillsets, mindsets, and talents of everyone involved. We’ll briefly discuss six different elements in terms of how best to leverage. Keep in mind that this is only an […]