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Seven Tips to Making the Most Out of the Holiday Season

Before we get started today, I just wanted to throw out a quick reminder that my book EntreBusiness was published and launched about three months ago. Check it out on Amazon or Barnes and Noble! The topic today is how to approach the holidays. I’m writing this in the middle of November, and we’re looking […]

Lead Generation Miniseries: Putting Your Marketing Plan into Action

Welcome to the conclusion of our marketing miniseries! We talked about building a foundation, then we talked about that next layer of marketing. Now we’re going to put it all together and finalize our marketing plan. The following are some questions and action items for you. If you haven’t read part one and part two […]

Lead Generation Miniseries: Reaching the Next Level

Our last post was about building that foundation to get you ready for creating a marketing plan so you can start generating qualified leads. This post today is sort of the second layer. It’s the next step in terms of moving forward with generating leads. So if you haven’t already read the previous post, please […]

Lead Generation Miniseries: Setting the Foundation for Your Marketing Plan

Today we’re going to look at building a foundation for marketing. As you start creating your marketing plan, what are some fundamental things you need to look at before getting into the nitty-gritty of execution? One thing to think about is this: What words do people think of when pondering your company? Healthy? Safety? Results? […]

How Effectiveness, AKA Doing the Right Things, Leads to Profitability

Listen, there’s a correlation between effectiveness and profitability. A powerful one, at that. First, let me define some terms that frequently get mixed up. Effectiveness means doing the right things, which is different than efficiency, which means doing things right. Our discussion today is about effectiveness. Specifically, how doing the right things and profitability are […]