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Advantages to Paying Yourself a Steady Salary as an Entrepreneur or Business Owner

Here’s the problem. A lot of times, as a business owner, there’s a lack of consistency in what we earn from month to month. This causes stress, as well as confusion, in our personal lives. It’s tough to plan ahead, and that becomes very difficult to deal with. Another problem is that if we don’t […]

Is It Worth the Risk For Your Company to Hire a Rainmaker?

So we’re going to talk about rainmakers today. Many business owners really wish to bring in that rainmaker, that individual who will come onboard and save the day. She’ll sell big accounts. She’ll bring in a lot of revenue. She’ll ride in donning her cape and just double the size of the business with the […]

What Football Can Teach Us About Winning in the Game of Business

Imagine for a moment that you’re at your favorite sporting event, whatever that may be. Now, imagine arriving there and the game’s already going on, but then you realize that they’re actually not keeping score during the game. How frustrated would that make you? How much less of an enjoyable experience would that be? This […]

Appreciation Marketing – Increase Your Income and Have Fun Doing It

Today we’ll be discussing growing your income through appreciation marketing. Now, the first thing that we need to do is start off with the right mindset. In a way, we have to forget about the income bit and focus a hundred percent on the appreciation part of the equation. Because even if your income doesn’t […]

Seven Steps to Getting the Most out of One-on-One Meetings with New Referral Sources

When meeting a referral source that could potentially become a new strategic alliance for you one-on-one, how do you approach it? What do you want to accomplish during that one-on-one meeting? That’s what we’re going to talk about today. I broke the topic down into seven different steps you can take to prepare for each […]