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Don’t Let Natural Disasters Slow You Down – Five Things to do in Business during the Downtime

Our topic today is going to be the five thing to do in business when natural disaster strikes. I’m writing this about a week after Houston got trampled by a tremendous flood, which damaged many businesses and personal residences, not to mention property. Also, as I’ve lived in Houston for many years, I’m no stranger […]

13 Powerful Business Development Questions That’ll Help You Reach Your Goals

Many of us who are in business, whether we own a company or we’re in sales, have an end result or goal for ourselves, our team, and our organization. However, few people really know and track the numbers or the metrics that’ll help us get there. So what I want to do today is ask […]

Are You Thinking Too Small? How the 10x Rule Can Help You Think Bigger & Achieve Better Results.

So generally speaking, many of us think way too small. We think too small about what we want to achieve in our businesses, careers, and lives. That’s why, today, we’re going to go through an exercise that will force us to think a little bit different. It’s an excellent tool to help expand the horizon […]

How to Avoid Sales Self-Sabotage: Following Up With Your Leads the Right Way

We’re going to look at how to avoid self-sabotage in sales today. This is one thing that many of us have done throughout our careers, and it is sabotaging our sales. It is a huge no-no, and a very dangerous and deadly thing for our businesses. Here’s the situation: you receive a prospect or lead […]

Thinking for the Long-Term: Four Powerful Questions on Business Adaptability

Today we’re going to look at four powerful questions regarding business adaptability. How do we define adaptability? It is the ability to change in order to work better toward a purpose. Very important, in today’s dynamic world. So let’s get on with these four questions: 1. Why does it matter? Why is it even important […]