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Is It Worth the Risk For Your Company to Hire a Rainmaker?

So we’re going to talk about rainmakers today. Many business owners really wish to bring in that rainmaker, that individual who will come onboard and save the day. She’ll sell big accounts. She’ll bring in a lot of revenue. She’ll ride in donning her cape and just double the size of the business with the […]

Hiring the Right People: How to Find Workers Who Treat Their Position as More than Just a Job

A lot of business owners or division leaders I’ve talked to are frustrated because their employees are treating the positions they’re in as just a job. There’s a mediocrity to the way they approach the task at hand. So what can you do about that? There’s a lot of different things that need to be […]

Two Ways to Build a Team for Better Business and Personal Success

Today, we are looking at building your personal team for greater success. Now, I’ve had the privilege to coach a lot of business owners in many industries. Oftentimes, the larger small business tends to understand the necessity of building a team better than say, the self-employed professional or the very, very small business owner. So […]

How to Create a Dynamic Weekly Meeting that Facilitates Better Communication

Today, we’re going to talk about creating a dynamic weekly meeting. Two of the biggest mistakes that companies make when it comes to meetings are one, they don’t think meetings are important at all, so they never have them. And two, they have way too many meetings or really disorganized meetings where there’s no real […]

Three Areas to Consider When Hiring – Recruitment, Interview, and Decision

Today we’re going to talk about how to create an unbelievable hiring process. I’ve had a lot of conversations over the last few years about the best, most efficient, simplest way to hire. So I came up with just a few little tidbits on this topic, split up into three different areas: 1. Recruitment. As […]