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Tough Task Guide for Business Owners: How to Let an Employee Go

Our topic today is one of the most difficult things for any business leader or owner. It’s a task that we just want to avoid. However, that’s not always possible, because we’ll be talking about how to let an employee go. All business owners have to do this at some point, and I, over the […]

How Having a “Word of the Year” Can Help You Stay Focused Throughout the Day

Have you ever gone through a day, where you looked back at the end of it and thought to yourself, “I didn’t get anything done?” Or, maybe you know that you completed a lot of little tasks, but you didn’t do anything that you would consider significant. Maybe you got very off-track throughout the day. […]

Setting the Foundation for Giving & Receiving Referrals in Networking Groups

What we’re going to look at today is how to create the platform or foundation to grow your business when you’re involved in a referral or networking group. These groups are part of many people’s marketing plans, and I want to talk about how to start building a referral base. Specifically, I’ll be going over […]

Six Hiring Tips Directly From the Mouths of Business Owners

Before we start, there’s one thing I want to emphasize about all of my podcasts, blog posts, and coaching materials. I love to read, and I read all types of business books voraciously. But the majority of these tips come directly from years of working with small business leaders and owners, sales professionals, etc. These […]

Make Winning Fun: Tying Themes to Company Goals

Today we’re going to talk about how to make winning fun for the company, for the team. When your company is growing rapidly, it puts a lot of pressure on people to get things done. There’s a lot more stress involved even when you’re doing well. So one way to make winning fun is to […]