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Daily Team Huddles – How Quick 5-10 Minute Meetings Can Save Hours

The topic we’ll be covering today is daily huddles. Or, some people may call them quick daily meetings or tag-ups. This phenomena has transformed the way businesses are run, especially large companies. It’s becoming an increasingly powerful trend, and many small businesses have not caught on yet. So, I want to highly recommend taking a […]

How Weekly and Monthly Strategic Meetings Can Save Your Team Time

Today we’re going to talk about the incredible benefits of meeting weekly and/or monthly. Now, I want to give you a quick overview on meetings: What we really recommend with most companies, especially those with a considerable number of people on their teams, is to have daily huddles, weekly/monthly meetings, and then quarterly/yearly off-site retreats. […]

How Creating, Articulating, and Ingraining Core Values Can Make Your Company More Successful

Today’s topic is the power of creating, articulating, and ingraining core values or underlying principles within your company or organization. Now, I would say that many people, to some degree, consider this process a waste of time. The reason is that they’ve gone through similar exercises before, but they really haven’t been part of a […]

How to love managing people

I’m excited that you are back, going through this seven-part lesson series. What we’re going to talk about today is how to love managing people. Some of us naturally love interacting with people, but many others really don’t like it at all. They’d rather go to the dentist. Not that there’s anything wrong with the […]

How to win new clients

I’m excited that you’re continuing with this lesson series on how to master the different areas of your business. It’s going to be tremendously rewarding in the long run. Our next topic is on winning new clients. Once you generate qualified leads, how do you convert them? I remember when I first graduated from college, […]