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Business Development

Becoming The Lebron James Of Business Development

Mindset Organization/Schedule/Time Management Goals/ Targets/Metrics/KPI’s Lead Generation Activities Education/Product Knowledge Transition Building a Relationship Asking Questions Solving a Need Secure the Next Step Follow Up/Customer Service Celebrate/Refresh/Balance

Creating A Dynamic Weekly Meeting

1) Personal catch up/Biggest win/Most thankful 2) Numbers/KPI’s/Scorecard 3) Quarterly goals/Priorities 4) Action items from last time 5) Anything new with clients or team/Biggest win/Most thankful 6) Top 3 challenges/Talk about it/Walk away with a solution 7) Review individual action items – Created throughout session 8) Quick best thing about meeting/One thing to make it […]

4 Essentials Of Business Networking

1) Goals 2) Get ready 3) Ask 4) Next step

Selling 101 For Introverts And Extroverts

Extrovert 1) Talk less, listen more 2) Get organized – have somebody help you set up a CRM – paper and sticky notes don’t work 3) Pay attention to the details 4) Move on to your next prospect – don’t talk too long 5) Don’t worry about losing a friend if they say “no” – […]

7 Surprising Characteristics Of Terrific Networkers

1) They have all different personality types. 2) It’s a lifestyle. 3) Good balance of long term relationships, but constantly adding new ones. 4) They participate more than the average person. 5) They track the results from networking. 6) They rarely eat alone. 7) They are always moving the business relationship to the next step. […]