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Business Development

How Appreciation Marketing Works

1) before starting 2) personal touch 3) automation

10 Ways To Crush Sales By Dominating Follow Up

1) Face reality – you and I have a long way to go. 2) Monetize how much each lead – qualified and unqualified is worth-lifetime value. 3) Establish the amount of touches. 4) Establish different ways to follow up. 5) Follow up immediately – within 2 hours. 6) Schedule time in week to follow up […]

Top 6 Ways To Dominate Selling High Ticket Items

1) Focus on objective prevention – not just overcoming objections 2) More questions that bring up problems and pain – ask a lot of them 3) Features, benefits, super benefits 4) Emphasize the long-term value 5) Focus less on being liked 6) Always, always, always, always – secure the next step

How Crazy Good Promises Increase Business

1) Better than competition – hard to compete 2) Deliver every single time 3) May change at some point (competition catches up)

4 Ways To Generate Immediate Business

These are 4 proven ways to generate business quickly. It is extremely helpful to individuals who are in a little bit of a business development rut and need to earn new clients fast.