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Business Planning

5 Instant Activities In Business When Natural Disaster Strikes

1) plan 2) take off 3) contacts 4) opportunity 5) routine

How To Prosper In Networking

1) Results: individually 2) Results: outside 3) Results: business relationally 4) Results: financially intangible

Business Adaptability – 4 Power Questions

1) Why does it matter? 2) What could it look like? 3) Am I really adaptable? 4) When to not be adaptable?

3 Powerful Branding Questions

What are your guiding principles? Why did you choose to work in this business? How do you want your clients to feel using your products and services?

5 Simple Steps To Improve Cash Flow

1) Increase price 2) Cost of goods or cost of service 3) Increase amount of purchase 4) Improve efficiency 5) Reduce A/R days