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Business Planning

The Platform To Receive Referrals

1) Quantity Time 2) Quality Time 3) Business Time 4) Mean what we say and say what we mean 5) Understand different communication styles 6) Embrace Diversity 7) Champion similarities

Creating An Unstoppable Audio Message

1) Client 2) Challenge 3) Result 4) Proof 5) Action

6 Incredible Hiring Tips

1) Hiring people that are smarter than you 2) Hire for attitude – over skill set 3) See what motivates them 4) Learn communication style – DISC 5) Don’t hire out of desperation – have structures in place, worth waiting to bring the best person on board 6) Pay 20% more than others in the […]

7 Ways To Overcome Getting Punched In The Mouth

Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth. – Mike Tyson 7 things to do in business when you get punched in the mouth. 1) call it out, face reality 2) feel bad for yourself 3) create a new plan 4) reach out for help 5) make a list 6) keep routines […]

One Way To Dominate The Competition

1) SWOT Overview 2) Team Involvement 3) Taking Action and Repetition