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Individual Mindset

One Word That Changes Everything

1) At the end of a day, when you are tired, picking up the phone and making one more sales call 2) Having 10 prospects tell you no, before you receive a yes 3) Getting up at 5:15 AM and pre-planning your day before a 7 AM networking event 4) Trying something new or different – that has […]

Wait A Minute…it’s not New Years Today

1) Why it’s important to reflect on the previous quarter 2) Looking at the 8 key areas of life 3) What to do moving forward

The Secret To High Level Performance

Top 8 ways to motivate yourself: 1) sense of belonging 2) public recognition 3) private recognition 4) monetary reward 5) consequences 6) competition 7) significance/purpose 8) life balance

Kicking Sales Fear In The Gut

How to follow a simple method to overcome the fear in sales.

Word Of The Year

One very simple thing to do to help you stay more focused is to consider having a word of the year, or word of the quarter, or word of the month. It could be words like “action” or “adventure” or “growth” or “empower”. Whatever it is, have a quiet time first thing in the morning […]