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Business Results Podcasts

A Second Thought On Rainmakers

1) Too focused on top line 2) Won’t follow the system 3) Rebelling against culture 4) Cutting corners 5) Hold the owners hostage

The Benefits Of An Owner Salary

1) Look at slowest 3 months 2) Build up fund 3) Pay consistent every month 4) Quarterly evaluation 5) Yearly plan

Finances Made Easier

1) Good to make more than you spend 2) Emergency funds 3) Salary and revenue 4) Be cautious of debt 5) It’s important to understand the numbers

Winning The Game Of Business

1) What does winning look like? 2) What to track that leads to success?

7 Mistakes Many People Make With Goals

1) No purpose or why behind the goal 2) No bite sizes activities to achieve the result 3) Too one dimensional 4) Once complete, it’s never looked at 5) No support team for achieving them 6) Not enough celebration for wins 7) Not writing according to personal bent