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Entre Balance Life Improvement

Do you feel out of balance? Most people do not realize just how interconnected every aspect of their lives are, and how unbalance in one area of their lives can seriously affect every other area. While it would be inaccurate to say that every person’s life is balanced so precariously that even a small shift can bring everything toppling down, a small shift can drag all other aspects of your life towards the problem area and can consume them.

One of the most common “heavy” areas is work—this extends to those who work in an office, run a home business, or run the business of the home. If work becomes too tiresome, boring, stressful, etc., it has a very negative affect on family, fun, friends, church, etc. Of course, any area of life can become too heavy and begin to take your time, energy, and attention away from the others. When this occurs, when we neglect some aspects of our lives in order to pay more attention to others, things can become very stressful and negative, very quickly.

If you feel that your life is even a little “out of whack,” the Entre Balance Life Improvement program is for you. Unlike many of our other programs that focus solely on business or career and less on life, this program looks at every facet of a person’s life (which includes their business life, whatever that business may be), and helps them figure out how to restore the balance that they desire.

Participants in the Entre Balance Life Improvement program will receive:

– One or two coaching sessions every month
– Access and encouragement in between sessions
– The EntreBalance Success Planner
– Proprietary content from the Entre Balance Book

These features work together to help the individual understand their current situation better, define where they want to go, and make a clear path through, over, or around the obstacles in order to achieve that more streamlined, successful, enjoyable life.

Most people have goals that they want to achieve, but few fully understand how to reach those goals or even why they want to reach them. This program is all about outlining what the individual needs to improve their life and equipping him or her with the tools and skills that he or she needs to make those improvements. Here’s how the features of the Life Improvement program can help:

Monthly Coaching Sessions:

While everyone has the capacity to motivate themselves, not everyone understands fully what motivates them or how they can harness their motivation for good. You may also struggle with understanding where you want to go, why you want to go there, and how to get there. Meeting every month with a coach can solve these problems.

How? A coach knows how to help you uncover what motivates you and learn to leverage it into progress and success. They also have the skills and expertise to help you make goals and carve out a path that will actually allow you to reach those goals. Anyone can make a goal. Making a goal is not the same thing as achieving it. If you want to achieve it, you have to take action, not just verbalize what you want to do—though verbalizing or writing down what you want to achieve is part of the process.

The purpose of a coach is to act as a compass. Instead of pushing ahead alone, you are pushing ahead with a guide who can keep you motivated and help you when the path seems unclear.

EntreBalance Success Planner:

This is a unique planner that helps you not only define your life purpose, vision, and values, but actually helps you see the results of and purpose behind the actions that you take. This allows you to make much clearer, more defined decisions and take actions that propel you forward and improve your life, instead of just scrabbling for improvements.

The planner also encourages you to look for income opportunities and eliminate low-value activities from your life, replacing them with high-value activities. You will write down your limiting beliefs and turn them into empowering beliefs, you will build a team of like-minded individuals, including your coach, who will support, guide, and cheer you on. Why is any of this important? Because these are the elements that are required for real life improvement and success.

Why Join the Entre Balance Life Improvement Program?

If you feel stuck, unbalanced, stymied, mired, or listless, outside direction is necessary. This program is designed to start where you are, evaluate your current situation, so we can find the handholds and footholds you need to pull yourself out and towards a happier, more successful life. Contact us for more information today!