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Entre Results Individual Accomplishment

Whether you are the sole proprietor and employee of your business or the sole member of your department, you may feel like an island in the middle of a vast ocean. Because it feels as though there is no one there to guide you, you might try to forge ahead on your own, not realizing there are many avenues through which you can find the mentorship and education that you need or desire.

Our Entre Results Individual Accomplishment coaching package is ideal for individuals who need direction, motivation, and support that is impossible to get in situations where you or you and one other person are the only members of your team. This program gives you the opportunity to expand your team beyond just yourself and to include a coach who has incredible real-world experience that is directly applicable to you and your situation, whether you are the owner of the business, a sales professional, or are working in direct sales or MLM.

The Entre Results Individual Accomplishment program includes:

– Focused attention on sales and marketing
– Strategic planning to align your business with your values and goals
– Access to the proprietary success planner
– One or two coaching sessions every month
– Access to your coach in between coaching sessions
– Monthly two-hour workshops
– Individualized solutions to your specific concerns

This program is designed to be comprehensive—we don’t just improve your sales skills and help you eliminate that sales fear that is so limiting to so many people. We address any and all concerns that you have about your business, whether you feel your leadership skills are not up to par, your profits are faltering, you have trouble holding on to customers or clients, and anything else that may be standing between you and success.

Monthly Coaching Sessions:

While you might be great at self-directed motivation, external motivation is something that every person, especially those who are going solo, needs, especially if that motivation comes from a coach who has the business acumen, skills, knowledge, and process to give you the success that you want to achieve. They have already worked with other individuals who have been where you are now and helped them get to where you want to be.

These monthly coaching sessions give you time to sit down with someone who has already “been there, done that,” with other individuals. You will benefit from their guidance, while learning what you need to do in your own life and with your own business in order to achieve that same level of success.

Monthly Two Hour Workshops:

Every month, we will meet together for a two-hour intensive workshop. During each workshop, we’ll go through our mastermind process and focus on one key topic you might be struggling with, whether it be in your business or life. You’ll get an accountability boost from peers and leave with actionable steps for the following month. With this program you won’t ever have to worry about being left in the dark or wonder what you must do to get to the next level.


Who Can Benefit from the Individual Accomplishment Program?

The Entre Results Individual Accomplishment program is best for:

– Solopreneurs (those whose businesses consist of just one person—themselves)
– Sales individuals
– Direct salespeople or MLM

This program is designed to accommodate the needs of the individual, which can greatly benefit the group in the long run.

Results of the Entre Results Individual Accomplishment Program:

Why bother enrolling in this program? At Entre Results, we are all about the results—what’s the point of coaching if it doesn’t get you the results you want? Entering into this coaching program will allow you to:

– Make more money
– Have more freedom
– Improve your business
– Strengthen your sales and marketing skills
– Achieve your goals
– Accomplish Success

If you are looking for a real way to improve your business—this is it. Contact us today for more information about the Entre Results Individual Accomplishment program or to enroll!