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Free Video Series

I’m pumped that you are about to begin this short video course!  The information quickly touches on the 7 major areas of each small business.  There may be a few ideas in these videos that you have heard before as common sense approaches to business, but you may not be implementing them consistently.  You will also experience some never before heard content that will revolutionize the way you approach business.  Regardless, these golden nuggets of information will take up a very little amount of your time, but will have a huge impact.  Enjoy!

The strength of a company begins with the strength of its leaders. Are you spending consistent time sharpening your leadership skills? This section will leave you motivated to stand up and aggressively lead.

The goal of marketing is to create qualified prospects. Many people take the wrong approach and end up wasting tons of cash in the process. Check out this section and sharpen your marketing fundamentals.

Selling is often considered a dirty word in some circles, but you can learn to fall in love with the art of selling. Without converting prospects into clients, you wouldn’t have any business. This section will help you and your sales team avoid the statistically most common mistake in sales.

The ability to get results through people is a skill that needs to be developed in every small company. In fact, people are a company’s most valuable resource. This section will encourage and inspire you to improve your daily interaction with people.

It’s paramount to know not only the financials in the rearview mirror, but also the ability to plan the numbers looking forward. The expansion of every small business is rooted in a strong understanding of the finances. This section will keep it simple and make your actions achievable.

The only way to thrive as a small business is to fulfill your promise to your customers. If you don’t, you will soon find yourself without any business. This section will launch you into the arena of incredible delivery.

This area contains a motley selection of skills necessary for success. This section will only tackle one area, but it’s mightily crucial not only for short-term success, but also long-term scalability.