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Entre Results has a wide variety of coaching packages to choose from, customized to fit your needs as an executive, salesperson, business owner, etc. These packages are designed to encompass the needs of all of our clients, but no matter what package you select, your coaching experience will be tailored to you and your goals.

Here is a brief overview of our five packages:


Entre Results Executive Development

This package will help executives find their stride, become better leaders, and grow their business or departments effectively. It is ideal for a leadership team of three to ten people. It includes:

a. A one-day retreat and strategic planning sessions
b. Monthly half-day workshops
c. Access to your coach in between sessions

This package makes participants more capable and more functional as leaders.

Entre Results Sales Performance

This is the best package for sales teams and individual salesmen who want to strengthen their sales prowess and all-around sales performance. It includes:

a. Weekly coaching for three weeks out of every month
b. Group coaching on the fourth week

With accountability both to your coach and to your peers, you are more likely to make the improvements you need to make in order to reach your sales goals.

Entre Results Owner Excellence

As the best option for business owners or those with stakes in small businesses, this package provides you with sessions and with learning opportunities that will grow your business and improve your confidence and capability in leading that business. This package provides:

a. One or two coaching sessions per month
b. A half-day workshop every quarter
c. Strategic planning sessions
d. The Align tool
e. Individual attention given to every owner

We will analyze your business based on the seven key areas of business and strengthen each area to help you build a functional, innovative business that achieves your goals.

Entre Balance Life Improvement

This package covers every aspect of your life, helping you progress and develop as an individual to reach your goals, both in business and in your personal life. It contains:

a. One or two coaching sessions per month
b. The EntreBalance planner

If you feel out of balance or are simply unable to move forward in any sphere of your life, this is the coaching package for you.

Entre Results Individual Accomplishment

Similar in many ways to the Owner Excellence package, this package’s goal is to help individuals achieve their business goals. It is designed for solopreneurs, sales individuals, direct sales teams, and other one to two person groups. It includes:

a. One or two coaching sessions per month
b. A two-hour workshop every month
c. A success planner

Your coach will address your needs as an individual to help you achieve the success you seek.

For more information about these packages or to start achieving your goals, contact us today!